Halloween Candy Counter

This is a candy counter for halloween made with an Arduino nano with enhanced features like sound and light effects every time a candy is detected. This is powered by a 2600mAh power bank and thanks to low power configuration halloween candy counter can run all halloween night.

The number of collected candies are showed in a 16×2 lcd screen.

All electronic staff can be inside your favourite halloween candy bag, in my case a plastic halloween pumpkin used by my son.

Tutorial: Instructable – Arduino Halloween Candy Counter

Arduino Create link: https://create.arduino.cc/editor/jecrespo/75558250-d349-4adf-8a82-934aec5e651a/preview?embed

List of materials:

Connect Everything

Upload the Arduino sketch using the last version of the Arduino IDE. You can download it from https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software or using Arduino Create: https://create.arduino.cc/

Last version of Arduino sketch is avaliable in my github account: https://github.com/jecrespo/Halloween-2017

Arduino Create Link: https://create.arduino.cc/editor/jecrespo/75558250…

The libraries you need to install are:

And finally test it works!!!

Put All Inside Your Favourite Halloween Candy Bag and Have Fun
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